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Does coconut oil help us to get rid of acne? Acne is the most common problem faced by teenagers but not only teenagers if we consider the drastic climate change and temperature changes acne is one of the most common problems faced in adults too. The cold weather can get our skin dry or even if we do not clean up the face can get the pores clogged and can cause acne. Because of this people tend to use creams that are loaded with chemicals and that can lead to the multiplication of skin problems. Sometimes what we don’t realize is, it’s not only about the external features but also the internal system of our body. From junk food to different types of food which we eat but our system won’t accept and it can result in acne.

The new trend of working from home itself has been a big challenge since 2020, and since then people have become more concerned about their health and mental stability. How important is it to have a stable mind in a stressed situation? Because the amount of stress can be a major reason for acne.

Coconut oil`s miracles have been experienced by people for ages and Ayurveda describes it in a most derived form. The benefits of virgin coconut oil are scattered a lot on the internet to be read, but here are some real-time benefits which we have listed just for you-

Say goodbye to stress-related acne with the help of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, here’s how you can do it –

Coco Soul`s cold-pressed oil is usually made from A1-grade coconut oils. It contains MCTS which helps to manage weight. The rich source of Lauric Acid helps to boost immunity. Since the pandemic has taught us how important it is to take care of our immunity. Here’s how you can add cold pressed virgin coconut oil to your  daily diet:

1.     For Cooking

Cold-pressed coconut oil has a smoke point of around 350°F (175°C), making it suitable for medium-heat cooking and baking. Highly refined versions may reach slightly higher temperatures but still are not suitable for cooking beyond 400°F (204°C).

It is almost 90% of the fatty acids and saturated fats are also found, which causes it to be semi-solid at room temperature. Hence it makes it less ideal for salad dressings or sauces but the best choice for stove-top cooking or baking.

2.     In Recipes

One can substitute coconut oil for normal oil or butter in a 1:1 ratio. From Coconut Chicken Thai curry to a Smoothie, one can use coconut oil in various ways.

3.     One can add it to coffee or tea

How can we make this happen? Below given is the recipe-

Herbal or Regular Chai tea bag

1 tablespoon cocoa powder (unsweetened)

1 tablespoon cream

1/2 teaspoon coconut oil.

Your favorite sweetener, to taste.

Tip – Pour boiling water over the teabag and hold it for 2–3 minutes. Remove the teabag and add the remaining ingredients and stir well.

Bravo! Let us know one of your recipes in the comments!

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