Strength training can add vitality and more years to one’s life. Not many people are aware of that. Other benefits according to studies include heart health and weight loss. The following are more benefits that everyone must know especially women:

It helps build and maintain muscle mass

Strength training which is also called resistance training is all about lifting various weights that increase gradually. These signal your muscles to adapt or to grow much bigger as well as stronger.

It helps to strengthen your joints

Strength-training exercises have low impact and this makes it less stressful on the joints even when you are building muscle strength and endurance. This goes to say that any weight-bearing exercise will help to strengthen the joints.

It is the best low-impact cardio exercise

The trick here is to focus more on the compound movements. This means that it involves one joint and one muscle group. One must not also rest for a long time in between the exercise routines.

It supports weight loss and also weight management

When you lift weights, you burn calories and stored energy in your body. It is also a good way to increase your muscle mass which will help your body to burn more fuel from the food you consume daily instead of storing it as energy in the form of fat cells.

It enhances cardiovascular health

Studies have shown that strength training performs better in terms of reducing the risk for heart disease than any other cardio exercise like cycling or walking even if both exercises are necessary to maintain overall health.

It protects bone health

Strength training like the one provided by helps support bone density. This helps to lower the possibility of having osteoporosis. This is why strength training is advised by doctors for menopausal women.

It helps to improve one’s mood and mental health

Strength training will change your overall outlook on fitness. A study also revealed that people who went through resistance training have reduced bouts of depression.

Before you engage in any strength training exercise, it’s a must to do warm-up and cool-down exercises for five to ten minutes. Walking is a great means to warm up while stretching presents itself as a great way to cool down.

Whatever happens, focus on form instead of weight. Align your body and move smoothly in each exercise. With poor form, you are inviting injuries and very slow gains. It’s better to work out at the right tempo for you to have control than compromise strength gains by way of momentum. Always pay close attention to your breathing when you are exercising. Challenge your muscles by increasing the weights or resistance. And most of all you have to stick to your routine. Work out on the main muscles two to three times a week, ideally.

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