Bee stings are probably one of the worst types of insect bites you can experience. It’s even worse if you find yourself allergic to a bee sting and don’t know what to do. A bee sting can cause temporary pain and a lot of irritation directly on the area where you’ve been stung. Everyone reacts differently after getting stung by a bee. A large amount of people have an immediate allergic reaction after getting stung by a bee that can range from severe to mild. In worst cases, a bee sting can create an anaphylaxis which can result in death. Here’s wanting to know if you are stung by a bee and you are highly allergic.

Are Bee Sting Allergies Common?

Research shows that approximately 5.7 percent of individuals will experience a highly severe allergic reaction to a bee sting once in their life. For those who are beekeepers by trade, the risk goes up for them by 32 percent. The average people that are stung by a bee will experience a somewhat mild reaction that is allergic. This can be in the form of swelling and lots of redness. Unfortunately, for a small group of people s bee sting can set up an allergic reaction that can be so severe emergency medical assistance is needed. Statistics show there is a rare amount of reactions that resulted in deaths. What causes the severe reaction in most people is the venom produced inside yellow jackets, honey bees and paper wasps. Those insects that are the most common in creating a systemic allergic reaction include Fire ants, bees and wasps.


Once you become stung by a bee, you will learn that their sharp or stinger will stay stuck in your skin. The stinger stays in your skin to release venom that takes over a minute after the bee has stung you. Venom ingredients have proteins that affects skin cells and our immune system. It leaves us in pain and with swelling in a particular area. This will occur even if you are not allergic. When stung by a bee and it triggers a severe immune system reaction, you will need emergency help immediately. It is also possible, that if you have never experienced an allergic reaction, you can on the second bee sting. You an always get treatment for a bee sting allergic reaction oak brook il or nearby.

Am I Allergic?

As stated, those that are stung by bee venom can experience reactions from severe to mild. In the less serious cases an allergic reaction will begin forming around the site on your body where you were stung. If your situation is more dire and severe, the reaction to the bee sting will travel to other parts of your body. This how you will basically know if you are seriously allergic. If you begin to feel your body shutting down, then there could be a problem.


This can vary depending on how allergic you maybe to a bee sting. There’s such a thing as having only a mild or moderate response when being stung by bee. This includes a simple swelling, to cutting off air to simple passing out.

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