Pharmacies are familiar sights on the high streets of the UK, both big chain companies and smaller local businesses. They are more than just places where you pick up your prescription, though – pharmacies in the UK offer a range of services. Some of the main ones are as follows.


Obviously, a pharmacy is the place you go to to get your medicine after the doctor has prescribed it. There’s more to it then than that, however. Pharmacists will offer repeat prescription management, advice on which over the counter medicines to avoid while taking your prescription medication, and dispensing of unused medications. Some pharmacists will offer a New Medicine Service (for certain medical conditions such as asthma), which will help you to become used to a new medicine and let you know what side effects are possible that you may want to look out for.

Advice and Consultation

Pharmacists are highly qualified professionals with expertise in medicine and in medical conditions. Clinical staffing solutions experts know how highly trained pharmacists need to be. If you are suffering from a minor ailment, or if you are concerned about your health, then your local pharmacist can probably help. Many pharmacies now have private consulting areas where you can speak to an expert. Topics such as pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, for example, can be discussed in private. Your pharmacist can tell you if it’s advisable to visit a GP. They are also able to put you in touch with Home StI kits companies such as should you feel you may have been put at risk of contracting an infection.

Over the Counter Medication

Pharmacists can advise you which over the counter medicines – such as painkillers, cold remedies or allergy treatments – might best suit you. Some pharmacies can prescribe medicines for particular conditions as well.

Other Services

Your local pharmacy offers a number of other services as well. Needle exchange services, advice about smoking or alcohol consumption, weight management advice and flu vaccinations are among those services. You can view a comprehensive list of pharmacy services online.

Your pharmacy is much more than a shop that sells medicines. It is a vital part of the country’s health services, staffed by highly trained professionals who have your health and wellbeing at heart. They are excellent sources of advice, help and support for a range of medical concerns.

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