Medical sciences have witnessed a great revolution in the recent past due to the advancement of technology.  Detection and diagnosis of different disorders have become more accurate and their treatments even more effective.  The LASIK eye procedure is the perfect example of technology advancement within the ophthalmic medical sciences.  This treatment corrects various refractive disorders, a.k.a “poor vision”; thus the LASIK procedure has become quite popular globally.

Here are some of the benefits of the LASIK eye procedure:


Unlike surgeries for different medical needs (which can be invasive); the LASIK eye procedure is quick and non-invasive.  There are no hospital stays which can last for days.  The LASIK patient is only required to be at the surgery center for a few hours, with the procedure taking just under 10 minutes.  Lasers do not pose harm to the eye since they are active only from 1-45 seconds per eye.


A benefit of the LASIK eye procedure is it accuracy which leads to its durability.  Due to the ever advancing technology, LASIK is viewed as a “one-time” treatment as the vision problems are usually resolved in the 1st treatment.  Therefore, you can rest assured the money you have invested in is a wise decision for a life-time of sight.


The LASIK procedure is considered a very safe treatment providing that all the necessary measures are taken during the pre and post-operative exams by an expert surgeon.  The surgeon will determine patient candidacy by performing a dilated exam along with various eye scans to ensure the patient is the perfect candidate for the LASIK procedure.  The complications/risks associated with a LASIK eye procedure are rare on those deemed great candidates.


One of the great perks of the LASIK eye procedure itself is its lack of pain or discomfort during the procedure.  The patient’s eyes are numbed by the use of anesthetic eye drops.  These drops eliminate any discomfort during the procedure.  It is to be noted that some patients may feel an irritation or dryness in their eyes after the surgery has been performed.  This occurs for a short time and is typically resolved after a simple “nap.”   Should it persist, the patient should discuss with their doctor at the time of post-operative visits as simple eye drop may be given to alleviate the symptoms.


With a successful LASIK eye procedure there will be no more need for the glasses or contacts that you have always been dependent on for clear vision.  This procedure is also a more affordable alternative to those items as their costs are incurred yearly.  Not only do you save money but you also gain the conveniences of a life without being tied to your glasses or contact lenses.  No longer are you searching in the middle of the night for your glasses, or struggling with the nuisance of slipping glasses during sports.  The LASIK eye procedure is also a safer options versus the long-term use of contact lenses as prolonged use and over wear of these lenses can cause a variety of corneal issues resulting in permanently decreased vision.


Another major benefit associated with the LASIK eye procedure is that results are instant.  The patient in most cases notices a dramatic improvement in their vision immediately after the procedure has been done.  The healing process/downtime is minimal and patients are generally able to return to work the next day.

In summary, all these amazing features of the LASIK eye procedure prove that LASIK is definitely the best treatment to improve your vision and free yourself from being held back by the use of glasses and contact lenses.  The only drawback patients say is “Not doing it sooner!”  Most LASIK centers offer many options for financing and/or special promotions making this procedure most affordable and in the long-run a cheaper alternative than the use of vision aids.

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This article was written by Millennium Laser Eye Centers. Dr. Cory M. Lessner’s extensive training and expertise along with the professional team at Millennium Laser Eye Centers are recognized as a LASIK Leader in the United States.

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