Mobility aids are designed for people who have trouble walking due to injuries or chronic problems like arthritis, fracture, and sprain. These aids increase a person’s independence, self-confidence, lower pain levels, and reduce the risk of falls. There are several mobility aids available each serving a different mobility issue.

Generally, physical therapists assess a person’s gait, musculoskeletal challenges, cardiovascular fitness, and neurological condition before recommending a suitable mobility aid. Has your physical therapist recommended the use of a particular mobility aid? If you are looking for the best-quality mobility aids in Australia check out

They feature a wide selection of top-quality mobility aids that have a 12-month warranty. Their products are durable and help you with mobility issues. Find out how each of the mobility aid is beneficial.

Mobility aid types and their benefits:

Canes: Canes are the most common mobility aid used with about 1 in 10 adults over 65 years of age using it. It can be used for conditions that by those who are prone to falls and help alleviate pain. It helps by supporting the person’s weight by shifting the load away from the legs to one’s upper body. Its common types include:

  • White canes are comparatively long and thin than traditional canes and designed for visually impaired people to detect objects on the way
  • A quad cane is equipped with a metal base with four small feet at the bottom. It offers more stability due to its wide base.
  • Adjustable cane has an adjustable length


Crutches are generally fitted under the armpit and offer good upper body strength. They are difficult to use than canes and are more often used during temporary injury. Ensure they are fitted to the right height so that it is convenient for use.


Walkers are made of metal, with 4 legs, and are surprisingly light-weight for their design. The ones equipped with wheels are beneficial for people with limited arm strength since they don’t have to lift it. Rollators is a popular style that has a break feature and a seat for resting.


Wheelchairs are useful for people who have difficulty using the lower limbs and find it almost impossible to walk without support. This equipment does the moving part for you and can be propelled manually or using the help of another person or electrically.

Mobility scooters:

They are configured like motor scooters and have a seat on top of 4 or 5 wheels. The user places his/her feet on the footrest and uses the steering wheels to control the direction of the equipment. Mobility scooters are ideal for those who have to travel distances independently.

Walk belts:

These padded belts help a person stand balanced and rise from a chair with minimal discomfort. The belt gives wearers good comfort and stability while carrying out functional activities.

Guide dogs:

These trained dogs help visually blind people to navigate between places. It helps people with limited vision to recognize potential hazards on the path.

Mobility aids improve the quality of life of people with mobility issues. Purchase durable and high-quality ones from reputable manufacturers for guaranteed long-term usage.

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