Sexual dysfunction is defined as impairment in sexual response. These include sexual arousal disorder, low desire or orgasmic complications. Community surveys have found that these are highly prevalent in both sexes, with 25% -63% of women experiencing such issues. These usually occur when hormones bring about changes in the genial tissues. Lack of interest and painful or unsatisfying intercourse can make it hard and time-consuming to conceive too.

There are a number of other reproductive diseases which impact the mind along with the body including circulatory, endocrine and nervous system. There are several psychological, physical and situational factors which contribute to these dysfunctions, say the best gynecologists in Chennai. However, the good news is that most of them can be treated and managed. Here are some of the most common factors that can negatively impact a woman’s libido.

Vaginal Dryness

Studies have found that roughly 17% women aged between 18-50 experiences this condition. It usually occurs before menopause or while engaging in penetrative sex. The main reasons for dryness are usually usage of harsh products like sprays and creams, cold medications and chemicals in tubs or pools. Further, not enough foreplay, excessive stress, childbirth, depression, immune system disorders, breastfeeding and rigorous exercise are other significant causes of vaginal dryness.

Anorgasmia or Orgasmic Disorder

This is condition in which an individual repeatedly fails to reach orgasm even after sufficient sexual activities. These includes both clitoral and penetration stimulation along with foreplay. Anorgasmia is usually more common in women and occurs due to medical complications, growing age, guilt about enjoying sex and medications.

Further, a combination of shyness, history of sexual abuse, poor self esteem, religious beliefs and relationship issues can contribute to this problem. Getting help from an experienced doctor is the most effective way to treat the issues and enjoy a health sex life.

Decreased Sense of Arousal

Studies have found that lack of response towards sexual stimulations like tingling, throbbing in the genitals and vaginal wetness leads to this condition. The common symptoms are less initiation of sexual activities, decreased sexual desire, non-arousal by remembering fantasies or watching erotic content and minimal thoughts about sex, according to the best gynecologists in Chennai. This happens because the events of blood flow to the tissues around the clitoris and vaginal opening leading to swelling is impaired. The vagina does not produce lubricants which can impact the arousal process.

Low Sex Drive

A study has found that 18%-59% women suffer a lack of interest in sex and it is not an illusion but a tangible issue. Major life changes, menopause, pregnancy, serious illness and personal distress can lead to low desire in women. Other major causes are fatigue, surgery and general lifestyle which can mar your libido. The symptoms include no interest in sexual activities like masturbation, lack of sexual fantasies and staying away from intimacy. Get in touch with your gynecologist to know how sex education and counseling can help you overcome this condition.

Pain During Intercourse
There are a number of reasons behind painful sex; infections and menopause being two significant ones. Lack of sexual arousal, genital herpes, gonorrhea, STI, vaginismus, genital irritation caused by latex condom and vaginal products are other causes of a painful intercourse. Psychological problems also tend to affect sexual intercourse. For example, anyone who is extremely shy or embarrassed about sex might end up in an uncomfortable situation.
Visit a gynecologist at the best maternity hospital, like those in Chennai, to help detect the underlying problem. This will determine if you require serious treatment or simple lifestyle changes would be enough for relief.

The success of treatment depends on the underlying cause of each problem. Work with your doctor and partner closely to be able to improve the conditions within minimal time.

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