Health and safety are the integral parts of any business, and there is a significant number of different accreditation schemes that can highlight the best practice and competence of a company in workplace health and safety.

In the construction and utility industry, health and safety assessments are required to decide and establish the abilities and standards of an organization to meet different requirements. To support single standards for health and safety for the contractor’s safety evaluation SSIP plays its role. To create a sense of uniformity among companies about the mutual understanding and recognition between the health and safety schemes, a proper organization plays its role.

SSIP – streamlining the process of health and safety management:

SSIP is the most affordable mean of achieving health and safety approval. SSIP stands for Safety Schemes In Procurement, and it is a non-profitable organization that creates recognition and mutual understanding between a variety of health and safety schemes to avoid the repetition of the full assessment process for multiple health and safety assessment schemes.

SSIP certification authorizes an impressive level of workplace health and safety management. It also indicates the ongoing commitment of a company to the best practice of health and safety management in an organization and protection level for staff and contractors.

This Certification is not only about the seriousness of a company about health and safety, but it is also beneficial for the recruitment of fresh talent for a company. This Certification is a great way to impress potential employees about the serious commitment of a company to assure their commitment to the safety and health of employees.

What does SSIP do?

The SSIP approved Certification fulfils the criteria for its member schemes. Some of the SSIP member schemes are:

  • Achilles
  • Acclaim
  • Altius VA
  • EXOR
  • Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS)
  • SAFE contractor
  • Safety Management Advisory Services (SMAS)

SSIP is not another assessment, just like the schemes mentioned above. There is no need to join SSIP and ask them to assess you. SSIP is a kind of shelter body of different schemes that help them to share mutual recognition. SSIP reduces duplication to avoid full assessment process for various schemes. Clients are more likely to have any single certification because all have the same standards.

Benefits of SSIP:

Successful entry on the SSIP database increases the market visibility of a business around the globe. It opens a whole new world of amazing opportunities. The aim of the SSIP organization is to establish transparency and clarity among its members. It is also helpful in reducing work cost and eliminating the need for filling the multiple pre-qualification questionnaires. SSIP framework offers you an ideal way of demonstrating adequate adherence to efficient health and safety protocols.

Health and Safety Mentor:

‘’Health and Safety Mentor’’ offers its clients full support and consultancy with their applications till the successful submission of it. Health and Safety Mentor helps an organization by allocating a trained auditor for the visits and allows you to provide a better visibility form outset.

For a small administration fee ‘’Health and Safety Mentor’’ updates and reissues certificate and provides an SSIP trained auditor for organization audits.

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