In Australia, they have developed wearable devices, machine learning systems, and the cloud platform provided to a manufacturing company that makes medical equipment for patients with epilepsy and other neurological conditions. They have a video EEG monitoring and diagnostic system for at-home use. Therefore, their goal is to provide detailed clinical insights for people who can apply new technology to patients.

Seer Medical helps to treat cardiac, sleep disorders, and other neurological conditions. They can access your home monitoring with free medical systems, expedite care, and boost output to save millions of lives. However, the company healthcare providers are committed to assisting you in understanding your health.

What technologies collect information from the heart & brain?

Seer can monitor the combinations of art in medical technology and design them into one portable diagnostic system for a home-based check-up. However, they have several devices and record videos that can help patients with neurological conditions.

  • Seer Sense EEG/ECG Monitor

At Seer Medical, patients can now connect with them by visiting their help center or contacting them by phone. You can also download the Seer apps with your record events and share the information from your doctors and others. Seer Home has incorporated the best video-EEG technologies from the ground up to deliver the best home services.

The video EEG, or electroencephalograph, records what you’re doing right now or as it appears in the camera. This idea is to visualize what will happens during a seizure to a person or other person with neurological conditions

  • Seer Sight The Camera Hub

Camera Hub is a direct line to your patient that doesn’t require a home visit.

  • Seer Home Portal Patient Support Tablet

The Home Portal Tablet can facilitate remote assistance while supporting and improving patient compliance.

  • Seer Home Kit

From the Seer Kit are two boxes containing all the studies you need to know for the patients and providers.

  • Seer Cloud Software

This software can remotely manage patients by uncovering hidden insights.

How accessible is the Seer that has a significant impact?

  • From the research and technology today, the Seer has a remarkable impact on transforming hospitals to home-based testing to your comfortable patient-centered at home.
  • When someone will admit to a hospital for seizure patients. Most patients leave their beds for a sense of freedom and to spend time with their families and friends. Despite this, these companies provide the ability to diagnose with eyewitness accounts and track events simultaneously with EEG and ECG.
  • The storing data is secure, and Seer Cloud adheres to GDPR for data security. The system will track patients, and in the dashboard, you can see the status of patients referred to Seer diagnostic services.
  • The Seer App allows the patients to self-report events and keeping for a medication diary which the doctors can share on the Seer Cloud.

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