What is the medical prescription?

The medical prescription is a legal document in which the doctor prescribes the necessary pharmacological treatment for a patient according to the presented pathology, which will be dispensed in the Pharmacy Unit of his Health Center.

What recipes are there in health centers?

  • Morbidity Recipes: Recipes that are delivered to the centers remotely, have a maximum duration of two days for removal in the health center pharmacy, are for punctual treatments and are not repeated.
  • Chronic Recipes: Recipes that are delivered to the centers remotely, for chronic pathologies such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis, epilepsy, respiratory diseases, etc. For these pathologies users must constantly take their drugs, in the case that the patient performs their controls and follow the indications, is that the prescription is delivered for long periods of time, and are renewed at each medical check-up.
  • Retained Recipes: This recipe must be delivered on paper written by the doctor’s hand, and also delivered remotely to the pharmacy. In this recipe there must be only one drug and the personal data of the patient and his address must be consigned. And in it go drugs whose active principle are narcotic and psychotropic. They have a maximum duration of 30 days. For your withdrawal you must present your identity card.

What does the recipe guarantee?

The medical prescription hope is not only a legal document but it is the guarantee that the prescription and the dispensation have been preceded by an individual diagnosis for the patient by a doctor and what the patient requires for their pathology.


  • Without a valid prescription, medications are not delivered to the pharmacy, do not insist.
  • The medical prescription ensures the rational use of the medicine.
  • Only the doctor knows what disease his symptoms correspond to and what he should take for it.
  • Not because your neighbor or relative has had good results with a drug you should take it. This can be harmful to your health.
  • Do not self-medicate.

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