Shielding lotions bond with your skin to form a protective barrier or shield against harmful chemicals and irritants. By keeping harmful chemicals out they help keep natural moisture in the skin. Shielding lotions are not only best moisturizer for dry skin but allow the skin to breath by not clogging pores. They are non-greasy and quickly absorb into the skin without leaving a residue on the surface.

We are commonly exposed to irritants like shampoos, perfumes, cosmetics and colorants that rob the skin of its natural oils causing dryness. The barrier provided by shielding lotions can help prevent serious skin disorders caused by constant exposure to harsh ingredients penetrating into deeper layers of the skin.

Conventional lotions only provide temporary skin protection by adding an artificial barrier that can very easily be washed off and need to be frequently reapplied to be effective.

Shielding lotions bond with the outer layer of dead skin cells and remains on the skin until these cells are exfoliated (removed).

These very special lotions give the skin time to heal and keep it hydrated. Shielding lotions are becoming increasing popular especially among dermatologists and are often recommended to patients who’s work environment cause them to suffer from dry hands and skin.

Being non-comedogenic shielding lotions won’t promote acne. If you work outdoors in cold weather or are constantly expose to the sun then a shielding lotion is a perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.

Many women now use a shielding lotion during and after menopause when changes in hormone levels cause dry itchy skin and lost of moisture.

Furthermore, shielding lotions have even given relief to those suffering from the symptoms of eczema.

Shielding lotions like SkinMd Natural and Gloves In A Bottle cost a little more than your typical moisturizer starting at about $10.50: But are well worth the price considering that some best face moisturizer for dry skin run over $50 for few ounces which doesn’t go very far if they are applied frequently. Some also contain a sunscreen which is a added bonus.

To get the best results and continued protection apply a shielding lotion every 4-8 hours.

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