Cancer is a very widely spreading disease in America and every day there is a big population of people getting effected by it. Taking into account this big percentage of the people getting effected with cancer, Medicare has been providing people with cancer treatment insurance to make sure that they get the best possible care and medication. Since there are many different plans and parts of Medicare programs, it is important to understand that each and every one of them has different specification and according to those specifications, the coverage might change.

So you will be getting the medical coverage based on your Part from Medicare and your plan from the supplemental plans. Many questions arise in the minds of the cancer effected who have or have not yet enrolled in the Medicare plans about the cancer treatment and the coverage that Medicare will provide. Therefore we have gathered here a few frequently asked questions from the people and we have tried to answer them so that no confusion remains.

  • Does Medicare cover for the wigs for cancer patients?

As chemotherapy is the major cause behind hair loss in cancer patients, many of them, especially women, tend to wear wigs. Unfortunately, the Medicare does not cover for the wigs in any of its plans, while some supplement plans could offer it.

  • Do you keep getting medicare coverage for cancer after 76 years?

Although you might hear rumors telling you that medicare stops covering for cancer after 75 years, you must stay confident that nothing so will happen. Medicare takes care for your medical coverage for the life time.

  • Are cancer screenings included in medicare cancer coverage?

Yes, all the cancer screenings are covered by medicare for the cancer treatment. It only asks your doctor to accept the terms of assignment for you.

  • Does medicare cover chemotherapy during cancer treatment?

Yes Medicare takes the responsibility for your chemotherapy as well. if you start getting the chemotherapy during your stay at hospital, you get full payment, else you have to pay for 20% of it.

  • Does Medicare cover immunotherapy for cancer?

In many cases, yes, medicare does cover for the immunotherapy, which is the latest and the cutting edge technique in cancer treatment that attacks the cancer cells to provide your body with immunity.

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