Under normal circumstances ear wax shouldn’t cause any problems. Its presence is necessary to perform beneficial services to the ear. It protects the inner ear from external debris and irritants. It will keep the sensitive skin of the inner ear in a healthy condition adding lubrication. The ear is largely self-cleaning with the wax finding its own way out to the outer ear helped in part by the actions of your jaw movements when eating or talking. It is only when wax collects into a stiff plug that it becomes a problem. It isn’t necessarily that the ear is producing excess wax but methods of cleaning can be causing it to become compacted. Using a cotton wool bud to clean the ear frequently pushes the wax deeper into the ear canal where it gathers into a dense plug.

The Microsuction Equipment

One of the most effective methods of cleaning the ear of wax is through microsuction. It is a simple procedure that takes no more than ten minutes to perform and in addition it’s comfortable and completely painless. The hand held device is medically approved and safe for use by professional technicians. It consists of a long suction tube with a narrow accessory fitted to the end which is inserted into the ear canal. A professionally trained ear specialist known as an audiologist then examines the ear canal using a binaural microscope via a tiny camera at the end of the attachment. The video endoscope constantly transmits a live image of the ear canal throughout the procedure enabling the audiologist to accurately monitor the progress of the microsuction technique. The device operates with a mild pressurised suction which effectively but gently removes the ear wax.

A Safe procedure

The main advantage of microsuction is the safety of the procedure. The integral endoscope allows the audiologist to constantly have a precise view of the ear canal. The level of accuracy is outstanding and poses no risk to the sensitive skin of the ear. Unlike other ear wax removal methods such as ear irrigation, microsuction is perfectly safe for everyone including those with a perforated ear drum or a mastoid cavity. It’s also a procedure that can be carried out at any time without the need for pre-treatments. However, people with hardened ear wax might find it beneficial to use wax softening drops for two days beforehand. The method is a clean precise procedure that involves no messy residue as it removes excess ear wax directly from the ear canal.

Additional Benefits Of Microsuction

Removing hardened ear wax isn’t the only beneficial way to use the microsuction device. Foreign bodies such as insects, seeds or hair can be clearly seen through the endoscopy video transmission. Objects can be extracted without causing any damage to the ear. The audiologist can also identify other problems such as infections. Microsuction is a quick and efficient way to restore hearing loss caused through wax. For more information contact Hear 4 U.

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