At 42 years old, Antonio Ángel O. M, the alleged pedophile of Ciudad Lineal, accumulated a very heavy criminal history. In addition to having served seven years in prison for abusing a girl in the nineties, he had an infinite history for his relationship with organized crime gangs in northern Madrid. From illegal arrests to all kinds of robberies with force.

Narcissistic in nature, his Facebook profile is riddled with photos showing muscles, this lover of martial arts and bodybuilding, and who appears to be far fewer years than he has, spent the day riding between the gym and the shenanigans with whom life was sought.

The curious thing is that the popular gym of the Hortaleza district that I frequented every day between one and three in the afternoon is located less than 200 meters from the Canillas comprare steroidi Police Center, the largest body complex in all of Spain, in which Several thousand officials work and where the central units are located. A good part of the clientele of that gym, as expected, is made up of agents.

Although he spent the day among the police, his friends and relationships were on the other side. Sometimes he worked as a debt collector, especially in drug matters, for criminal groups and other times as bodyguards for people of very dubious reputation. Sometimes the one who had to keep his back was himself when they looked for him to settle the accounts.

For a few months he had been working, at least on paper, for a businessman who was buying and selling used vehicles, some of which he used to kidnap the girls. However, cars were not his only occupation. His name also appears in the commercial register related to electronic and computer companies without much real activity.

His life could not be more messy. According to the Police, he did not have a fixed address. As soon as he slept in a friend’s house, as he would spend seasons in the empty house that his mother was going to occupy or he rented some other house.

Those who know him say that, in addition to being a quite intelligent guy, the arrested man, who is divorced, has a “violent and cool streak”, particularly with women. In fact, it also has a history of gender violence. Also, they claim, he is very meticulous, as he was to try to erase any trace of his crimes.

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