There have been a number of recent studies on the effects of medical marijuana and multiple sclerosis. Marijuana is starting to offer a number multiple sclerosis patients hope from their symptoms. While the nature of multiple sclerosis medication is still extremely experimental, medical marijuana is showing promise when it comes to its neuroprotective properties and for its assistance with muscle spasms.

Five recent research studies took a look into the nature of CVD and THC with its effects on MS. Four out of the five studies reported some type of significantly positive result after the ongoing administration of cannabis-based products.

As multiple sclerosis is immune disorder that affects the CNS, the spinal cord, brain and optical nerve, working to combat inflammation and manage muscle spasms can often be a huge benefit to managing the symptoms of the disease. MS can eventually disrupt the signal to the brain and cause massive nerve deterioration. Working to preserve nerve health while also managing the symptoms of the disease can be crucial for many patients that are struggling with ongoing pain, problems with muscle spasms and inflammation in the nerves.

The big problem with FDA approved medication for multiple sclerosis is that it often only works to reduce relapse and lightly control the symptoms. These pharmaceuticals also come with a series of extensive side effects including an increased risk of suicide, skin rash and improved rates of basal cell carcinoma.

Using medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of MS can be an excellent way to manage the overall symptoms while also minimizing the side effects. THC and CBD can work at fighting pain, fatigue, as well as offer improvements to cognitive dysfunction while improving mood. Having access to all of these improvements will make sure that a patient can enjoy a much more normal life and an improvement for their symptoms as well.

More studies will need to be conducted on the relationship between medical marijuana and MS treatments but the initial results are promising.

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