Ergonomic chairs and massage chairs both have somewhat similar purposes and uses but there is also a distinct difference between the two. Ergonomic chairs are ordinary chairs that can be adjusted at the desired height, weight, etc and massage chairs are chairs that can give you a massage. Let’s discuss in detail what the differences between the two are and how each one affects your sitting experience.

Key difference

The key difference between an ergonomic chair and a massage chair is that ergonomic chairs are meant to correct sitting posture and give superior back support for extended periods of time but they can’t massage your back. A massage chair, on the other hand, is a fantastic delight because it allows you to switch to relaxation mode right away. If you want to buy a massage chair, buy it from OGAWA because OGAWA makes the best massage chairs in the world. Read more about OGAWAs excellent massage chairs here.


Ergonomic chairs are adjustable and so are massage chairs. In both the chairs, the seat level can be adjusted, back support can be adjusted, even the headrest and the armrest can be adjusted. The “adjustable” characteristic of these chairs can be customized to achieve the optimum sitting experience both at home and in the office especially when working for an extended period.


Regular chairs do not provide the same sitting experience which is why people mostly go for ergonomic chairs and even better than that they go for massage chairs but the problem with massage chairs is that you cannot use them 24/7 as too many vibrating sensations can prove to be counterproductive whereas ergonomic chairs can be used 24/7. There is no such thing called “using it too much” in the case of ergonomic chairs.

Pain management

The thing about massage chairs is that they are designed to support your spine in a variety of postures while assisting your back. This naturally helps you to keep a good posture even if you are sitting for hours watching a movie. They relieve pressure and stress. They calm and relax your muscles. Massage chairs are extremely helpful for older people who suffer from chronic pain. Massage chairs are known for alleviating some of the pain associated with old age. It can also lower blood pressure as well as cortisol levels. It can regulate mood by increasing the release of serotonin in our body. The same cannot be said for ergonomic chairs though because they simply don’t have the technology or the programs installed in a massage chair.

Manual vs automatic

The seat height and width in ergonomic chairs are adjusted manually. This allows you to move the seat forward and backward, as well as modify it to your preference. By altering the seat depth and width, ergonomic chairs ensure that people of all heights and sizes can sit comfortably. Almost all massage chairs are intended to adjust to the user’s weight, height, and width but this occurs automatically by just clicking a button.

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