Rage, wrath and fury are all the names that are given to a powerful emotion which most often makes us feel helpless. There’s no denying the fact that anger is nothing but a natural human experience and while there are times when there are valid and known reasons behind it, there are some other times when you find no such explainable reasons behind feeling angry. But one thing that is problematic is uncontrollable anger which is never good for your personal relationships and also for your health.

You’re rather fortunate enough to know that there are several tools that you can start learning if you wish to keep your wrath in check. Read on to know about some good advice on controlling your anger before it starts controlling you.

  • Think twice before you utter a word
    When you’re having a heated-up conversation with someone where you may get tempted to speak out anything, you should immediately control yourself and think twice before uttering a word. Before you speak out, give yourself some time to collect your thoughts and also let the others who are involved in the same situation to react in a similar manner. This will ensure that noone ends up abusing each other.
  • Express your anger after you’re calm
    Once you’re anger is down and you begin to think clearly once again, that is the right time to express your assertiveness and frustration to the intended person, that too in a way that’s non-confrontational. Make sure you speak about your needs and concerns very clearly without letting anything hurt others or without trying to control anything.
  • Engage yourself in some workout or exercise
    Any form of physical activity can help you diminish the stress which leads up to the anger. In case you feel that your anger is gradually increasing, you can move off for a brisk run or a walk or you can spend a short span of time doing something that you love like listening to music or doing some specific physical activities.
  • Never hold a grudge against anyone
    One of the biggest tools is forgiveness and if you can master the art of forgiving anyone, you will feel peaceful within. Never let any of the negative feelings like anger to crowd out the positive feelings. If you’re able to forgive someone who has made you angry, you both will learn to feel strong with your relationship.Hence, whenever you feel anger and you think your anger is escalating, you should take into account the above mentioned strategies to control your anger.


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