Do you feel that you are dragging your feet to work every day? Are you looking for excuses not to go to work or be late? Are you starting to feel uncertain about your current job? Maybe it is time for you to assess your situation and think about your career.

If you have been working for quite a long time, it is not surprising that you have come to a point where you are experiencing burnout. Sometimes you often ignore the signs that your job is not a good fit for your skills, personality, and passion. You continue to work every day doing the same routine because you have bills to pay and other responsibilities to take good care of like family and aging parents. Staying in a job that you do not love doing has its consequences. Do not wait for worse things to happen before handing over your resignation letter or, even worse, getting fired for poor performance. Here are some of the signs that tell you to look for a new job.

  1. You are starting to look for job openings elsewhere

If you find yourself browsing through the internet and checking out recruitment sites, it is a visible sign that you are no longer happy with your job. There are instances where you start submitting resumes and attending job interviews. Remember if you have plans for leaving the company better give your boss 30 days notice so they can search and train a replacement.

  1. You rant too often

Someone asks you a simple question about how your day was, and you reply with endless complaints about your job. If you notice yourself saying a lot of negative things about your job, the best solution is to move forward and find something that will make you happy. Choose a career which you are interested in doing for a very long time so you will never get bored in the workplace.

  1. You are often sick

Studies say that people who often feel stressed out in the workplace exhibit symptoms of illnesses. If you often suffer from headaches, colds, and fatigue, then it could have something to do with your mental health. Consult a professional and find out if it is your job that is causing you to become sick. If the answer is yes, then it is time to move forward and find something better.

  1. You start stress eating

There are people who find comfort in eating their favorite food whenever they feel tired, stressed or anxious. Stress eating somehow makes them feel better. However, overeating is detrimental to your health. It can make you gain weight and develop lifestyle-related diseases like hypertension and high cholesterol levels.

Lastly, if you happen to have a degree that is related to health and sciences, why not consider checking out recruitment sites like for job opportunities that are related to the medical industry. Who knows maybe this could be the most significant break that awaits you.

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