The exact cause of Eczema is still unknow but according to researchers it is a combination of genetic material and the triggers that cause eczema to flare. Triggers such as clothes, weather conditions, dust, food ingredients, etc can really worsen the condition of Atopic Dermatitis.

Food is one of the common triggers in eczema. Different people have different skin type with their immune systems react differently to variety of foods though there are some most common foods which acts as triggers or allergies to people.

Though food makes no contact with the skin like other triggers but still makes an impact to cause eczema flares, this may be due to a disorder that involves the disfunction of the immune system known as “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?
Our intestine has an extensive lining of cells that forms a tight barrier or junctions which form a gateway between the digestive system and blood stream. These tight junctions are responsible not only for allowing vital minerals in the blood stream but also preventing any foreign body to enter. When this lining gets disrupted the junction becomes loose enough to allow the so called dangerous foreign body in the form of undigested food particles, toxic metabolic wastes and even microbes.

The entry of such foreign bodies sets up the inflammation causing autoimmune response in the body. Such chronic inflammation is the root cause of many disease one of them being Eczema.

This phenomenon of immune response from the body due to disrupted tight junction is called as “Leaky Gut Syndrome” also known as Intestinal hyperpermeability terming the Gut as Leaky.

Though studies have linked the association of leaky gut with eczema with evidence that they found a sizeable number of participants in the study had leaky gut, but it also draws the conclusion that it is due to food intolerance. So, it becomes difficult to interpret whether leaky gut is the real cause of your eczema.

The leaky Gut or the severity of its permeability is not a recognised diagnosis in the school of medicine yet. But there are certain tests which can indirectly tell you about the severity of your Gut. If some one gets a positive result post Diagnostic test they can approach a Diet change which is key in the treatment of Leaky Gut.

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