Do you or someone in your family have hearing problems? It may be hypoacusia, a sudden decrease in hearing ability that can have very different origins.

Diagnose early enough, so that it is possible to treat it or at least to fit the hearing-impaired person adequately in order to allow him to regain hearing. One of the best solution is to search “hearing aid repair near me” on Google and you will find the best hospital near you.

To learn more about this condition and treat it, we invite you to read this special article.

Hypoacusis: the treatment

The treatment of hearing loss depends on the cause of the loss of hearing.

  • When it is linked to an ear or a disease, it will indeed treat this disease to hope to recover the hearing.
  • In the case of an accident or poisoning, it will also be necessary to first treat the patient before he can regain his hearing.
  • If medications cause hearing loss, alternative treatments should be prescribed.

In other cases, and especially when it is not possible to treat the cause (aging, congenital malformation, etc.), hearing aids will normally be recommended to allow the affected person to return to an almost normal life.

Hearing loss in children: what to do?

While hearing loss can be very embarrassing for adults, it is even more so in children and may even prevent them from learning the language, participating in normal activities with other children, and following up with advantage of school education.

Generally, the child’s hearing loss is identified during the mandatory health examinations scheduled on the health record and then during the occasional medical revisions or related to other pathologies. Signs can also alert parents about a hearing problem, including:

  • The absence of infant reactions to noise and voice
  • An abnormally calm sleep
  • The progressive loss of babble after 6 months
  • A delay in the acquisition of language and the appearance of the first words (after 18 months)
  • Uncontrolled voice broadcasts
  • Disorders of the joint
  • Behavior problems
  • A school delay
  • Lack of reaction when calling the child by name

However, when the diagnosis is made early, it is possible for hearing-impaired children to receive a hearing aid so that they can hear it normally and thus gain access to the language. It is therefore very important to take your childre to the ENT as soon as possible if you have doubts about his hearing ability.

Our tips to avoid hearing loss

Rather than trying to treat hearing loss, we advise you to protect your ears from all external risks, especially excessive noise. Indeed, if you work with noisy machines or you like to listen to music or go to concerts, do not forget to use ear protection adapted.

On the other hand, although good ear hygiene is necessary, avoid using cotton swabs and other objects in your ears as you may damage them.

Be aware that stress can contribute to the development of hearing loss. Relax! The practice of yoga or meditation can help you preserve your auditory capital so do not deprive yourself of it.

Finally, do not wait to see a specialist on if you suspect hearing loss. The earlier the diagnosis is, the greater the chances of finding the hearing with appropriate treatment.


Quite common, especially in the elderly, hearing loss can have very different causes and is not necessarily irremediable. Even when treatment is not an option, an appliance can help affected patients in regaining good hearing and return to a near normal daily life.

If you have doubts about your hearing, do not hesitate to do a hearing test to find out if you really have a hearing loss.

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