We have always heard that our teeth would start falling off as we grow older. Well, this saying could be true if elders do not put enough effort into cleaning them. Oral health has a direct impact on our quality of life and overall health. Since seniors are likely to catch chronic diseases as their health deteriorates naturally with time, keeping their gums healthy is a vital task. Let us understand why it is a severe need to maintain senior dental health.

#1 Eliminate Gum diseases

Proper dental care is paramount in old age! Many pieces of research have shown at least two in three seniors develop some sort of gum disease over time. And the worst part is gum problems or developing ailments related to it are not prominent until the situation is worse and we start observing symptoms. Periodontitis is one of the most common diseases. Visiting a dentist every month and flossing twice a day is a must for seniors.

#2 Long-term Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is also one of the signs of ageing as long-term plaque creates tooth cavities. Elders who take medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, or depression, etc., have dry mouth as a side effect. And the lack of enough saliva in the mouth worsens tooth decay problems. Dental health care is crucial for this common reason.

#3 Chronic Tooth Loss

Numerous medical reports suggest that one in five adults above the age of 65 or more lose most of their teeth. It is a chronic effect of ageing, but one can avoid worsening it by taking care of his oral health. After all, it is better to floss and go through routine checkups than to quit all the tasty cuisines.

#4 Tooth Cancer

Older adults are at a higher and more probable risk of developing tooth cancer, especially the ones who are in the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco. Dentists can help identify the possible or early signs of this deadly disease beforehand so that there is still time to get the treatment. Therefore, one should take care of his oral hygiene and also take regular assurance from dentists that everything is fine.

Visit the best clinic in town to get tailored dental care service. Book appointments online after checking the details of the best service providers available. Seniors need attention and care like a child! We should do the best in our capacity to take care of them in our family and keep them aware of their oral health concerns.

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