It is important to test your eyesight regularly because your eyes are used throughout the day and your vision is changing.

Regular check-ups with your ophthalmologist will help you take care of your eye health and get a prescription if your ophthalmologist thinks you can wear contact lenses. Indeed, it is mandatory to have a prescription if you want to buy prescription lenses.

How to get your eyesight tested?

At kraff eye institute, an eye exam goes beyond assessing the quality of your vision. This examination also aims to protect the health of your eyes and by prolonging your vision in the long term.

To make it easier to book an appointment for your next eye test, here is with everything you need to know about the exams available and why you need them.

3 reasons for regular eye tests

Better vision means better quality of life. You can learn, work, and fully interact with the world around you when your vision is good.

An eye problem does not necessarily mean pain in the eyes. An eye test can reveal early signs of silent eye disorders such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts. The earlier the problem is detected, the greater the chances of successful treatment.

Eye tests can also detect signs of other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

How often to have my eyesight checked?

Even if you are lucky enough to have 20/20 vision, it is recommended that you have your eyesight checked at least once a year depending on your age and medical history.

Do you need to do contact lens inspections and tests?

Your daily, monthly, fortnightly or extended wear contact lenses are designed to provide you with optimal comfort. It is therefore important to consult and test lenses to find the ones that suit you best.

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