A person may try to lose weight for any reason. It may be to improve a health condition, to fit into old dresses or to be fitter and energetic all together. While on your quest to lose weight, it is crucial to understand various benefits one can extract with weight loss. Understanding the benefits of weight loss has its advantages. It helps you keep motivated, self-aware, while you may lead a good example for others to lead a healthy life.

Weight loss offers many benefits varying from physical, mental, social as well as physiological.

Physical Health Benefits of Weight Loss-

As highly considered, weight loss has many physical health benefits that ensure a long, disease-free, and active life. For example

  • Weight loss helps in balancing the blood parameters like blood glucose, cholesterol level, blood pressure, etc.
  • Weight loss prevents the occurrence of many metabolic, degenerative disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, certain cancers, strokes, etc. It is a fact now that even 10 percent of weight loss can significantly reduce the complications of metabolic disorders.
  • Losing weight improves the body’s mobility. With reduced pressure on the joints and bones, their movement becomes more comfortable, effortless, and smoother. Moreover, the incidence of joint pain also decreases with weight loss, thus, improves mobility.
  • Weight loss is also directly related to the improved level of fitness, energy, activity as well. It is well-known that if a person loses weight, he/she experience a lower incidence of lethargy, tiredness, and dullness.
  • Weight loss also ensures better sleep. Studies show that people who weigh more than the healthy BMI, face more issues like less sleep, acid reflux, obstructed airways, and even, back pain.
  • Excess body weight causes fluctuations in many vital hormones like thyroid, estrogen, cortisol, hunger hormones, insulin, etc. This is the reason why experts suggest to lose weight for correction in the hormonal imbalance as well as for metabolic stability.

Weight loss has many mental health benefits, as well. It is proved that weight loss through dietary intervention, significantly improves brain functioning and especially memory [1].

  • Weight loss tends to have a significant impact on self-esteem and confidence. Losing weight is a long-term task that requires focus and dedication. Especially when you are conscious about your physique and how you look! When you lose weight, you are far more energetic and active. This, in turn, improves the self-confidence.
  • Weight loss is also associated with a reduced stress level. This is because of less fluctuation in the stress-related hormones, more fitness, more participation in social circle with less withdrawal rate and following a healthy, disciplined lifestyle.
  • Losing weight also helps in reducing the conditions of anxiety and stress. During a weight loss journey, you tend to follow a healthy diet, exercise, meditation. These factors contribute to a healthy mind with a positive attitude.

For the best impact of weight loss on various health aspects, it is necessary not just to focus on losing weight but on achieving healthy weight and energy levels.

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