Almost every company conducts occasional drug tests. It’s also mandatory to pass this test to get a job in some of the US companies. Knowing this, tells you that taking any kind of illicit drug will prevent you from getting paid. See more about this here.

When the time for the testing comes, you need to do everything that you can to pass this inconvenience. You have to make sure you’re drug-free and there are no narcotic toxins in your body. When it comes to the follicle test, you should know that you’re facing the greatest obstacle when it comes to work-related tests.

Why? Because every other type of drug examination is easily solvable. You can work to make your system flush the narcotics faster and you can even cheat on them to get clean results. There’s no option of this kind when it comes to the follicle option.

How is the hair follicle drug test performed?

It is very simple to do this one. The lab practitioner conducts the test in any environment. There’s no need for any special conditions, nor it is needed to go to the hospital for doing it. It can be done in the office where everyone work or anywhere that the employer will decide.

What the official person does is take a sample of your hair. If you’re baldheaded, they’ll take a sample from another part of your body. It doesn’t necessarily need to be from the head. Any sample is a good one and will show the same results.

Then, it is taken to the lab where a special machine provides the results of every single substance that’s inside it. Among the other things, might be found a presence of a drug. If this happens, your result will be positive which means you’ve been using narcotics. If only the regular ingredients are found inside, you’ll be negative which means you’re drug-free.

What every drug user is concerned about is the time frame of discovering its particles on this test. Around 90 days is the top limit that doctors can trace if you used any drug. That’s impressive three months. That’s a lot of time for people who occasionally use weed or some other low affecting substance. Learn all about the hair follicle test here:

However, this is the time that needs to concern you. If you stopped taking 3 months ago, you have nothing to worry about. But, if you only had a mild dose inside this frame, we suggest you do something about it just to be sure that you’re clean.

How to get rid of the drug substances?

The first thing you need to do to reach a solution is to understand the problem thoroughly. We just did that by explaining how the test is performed. Now you need to understand how the detoxifying process goes.

The only way to get rid of it is by using a shampoo for this need. And not just any shampoo. You need to look for the one that says detox on it. On the market, you’ll find a lot of products claiming to provide a detoxifying effect. Among all these, you need to choose only the ones that are going to do a detox from narcotic substances too.

Most of the detox shampoos are made for cleaning the unhealthy particles in your hair that is naturally absorbed. Everyday life in the city makes our system full of toxins. Some of them can be washed out with a regular one and some must use a detox shampoo that can flush everything.

However, when it comes to drugs, it’s a little harder than this. Narcotic substances are formed inside the body and because of that, it’s harder to be cleaned. You need a special formula that will get deep inside the layers of the hair and clean the narcotics.

This is why you must look for the products that highlight this feature. Don’t waste money on products that are made for something else and are not going to wash out the narcotic particles. There are not too many products like this, and most of them are not even worth mentioning because they give poor results.

Which shampoo is the best?

Among the few products, you should only choose the best one. There are a lot to choose from but one of the best is called Aloe Rid Old Formula. It is because it’s the only one that works with a method that clean the toxins thoroughly and in detail. See more about it on the link:

You’ll see other ones advertising the same thing. What you need to look for in this case is the method of work and the ingredients that are being used inside. For example, the one we mentioned as the best one uses the substance propylene glycol.

Propylene glycol is a substance that is known as a substance able to skim the layers and wash everything out from the depths of the hair. It’s completely natural so you don’t have to worry about this part. It’s not damaging the hair and is completely safe.

The other products are not actually washing off the drug. What they do is create a window frame during which the presence of the narcotics is masked. They claim that the lab practitioners won’t be able to discover the drugs inside your hair.

However, this is not the best way. The best way is to use a shampoo that is proven to do a good job. Like the one we talked about. Following the instructions will give you the best results within 10-14 days. During this time, you’ll have to wash for up to 4 times a day, and after this period, the manufacturer claims you’ll be good to go.

This is the only proven method to work. It’s best if you stick to what has already been tested and the results were good for you. If you do it properly, you can be sure about getting a negative result on the test.

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