Millions of individuals are suffering from addiction in the United States. However, only a small portion enters an addiction recovery center. For information about receiving help from a drug rehab Huntington Beach facility call an addiction helpline and discuss your options.

The country is experiencing massive growth in alcohol and drug addiction. Did you know that more than 20 million people have ruined their lives, lost custody of their kids, hurt family members, destroyed their finances and lost their jobs because of alcohol or drugs? Furthermore, every day, over 100 individuals die from a drug overdose, while more die from injury or diseases leading from their addiction.

Why Does Addicts Doesn’t Seek Assistance for Addiction?

Given the health concerns, hardships and fallout which lead from substance addiction, you might wonder why several individuals influenced by it actually do not seek assistance. After all, if an individual were having a hard time from any other problems to this extent, wouldn’t they refrain to get the health that they require?

The fact is, addiction is a progressive, fatal illness, which is ruining and claiming lives every day – yet so many aren’t reaching out for aid. That’s true in the case of Bell’s husband.

Following are some of the reasons why people with addiction don’t ask for treatment:

  1. Fear. If you think about it, recovery from Huntington Beach drug rehab center isn’t a one-time deal. The journey of entering rehab is quite real. Recovery is considered a lifelong commitment and journey which is made every day. It takes courage, determination, and Detox can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Therapy can disinter painful feelings and memories which have buried for many years. What’s more: the lifetime commitment to sobriety could be overpowering.
  2. Shame. For the majority of people experiencing addiction to alcohol or drugs, it is hard to admit there’s a necessity for a cure. That’s because of the shame surrounding addiction treatment and addiction itself. Because shame can be one of the most painful and overwhelming emotions, it can become an obstacle for seeking treatment. If an individual suffers from shame, they might feel as if they’re not worthy of attention or help. That makes them feel that there’s no reason to change their lives around.
  3. Denial. Denial is the primary factor which enables addiction to flourish. Addiction establishes a form of smoke and echoes which can make an individual unaware of the root of their issues. While a lot of people in active addiction understand that they are suffering from hardships and they are shifting to alcohol or drugs to cope with them – they might not notice that those substances are the source of their concerns.

Often, people who are active in addiction notice only a small window of chance to get assistance which they require with addiction. The desire and eagerness to get assistance – or the realization which it is necessary can fade immediately. If you or a family member feels that it’s time to get aid, it is essential to act as soon as possible. Have a plan in place and talk to a treatment specialist from a drug rehab Huntington Beach addiction recovery center ahead of time.

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