When couples are suffering from drug addiction or abuse, it might be difficult to get support and help needed. If only one will go to rehab, then it would be harder for the other one to prevent relapsing to drug abuse when treatment is over. However, not getting help can also trigger many risks for couples like a financial loss, relationship problems and adverse effects on mental and physical health on both partners. Locating a couples drug rehab where they can get assistance together may be the best option.

For partners who are going to couples rehab together can be an excellent way of helping themselves learn and recover. When they attend couples drug rehab together, this can offer them tools that they can use in managing their addictions and understanding one another’s cravings, triggers and avoiding relapse. A drug rehab for couples also offer great help to improve the relationship, manage issues like enabling and codependence, create the newest relationship dynamics which support every partner, alone or together in maintaining better recovery.

Couples and their Addiction Problems

Couples both using drugs are common nowadays. It has also been found out that women using alcohol or drugs are twice as likely as men to end up with a partner that’s also a substance user. Relationships can be damaged by addiction and substance abuse even if couples are committed to making the relationship works.

Signs that couples are already in troubled relationships:

  • Drinking and drug use becomes the only thing that couples enjoy doing together
  • Drug or substance abuse results in domestic violence on one or both partners
  • Partners need to be high or drunk to show their affection or have some conversation about their relationship
  • Couples neglect common duties and responsibilities like childcare and housework

These problems develop leading negative effects for every individual. These also complicate addiction and drug abuse and usually result in increased abuse. When the situation becomes too much, one of the couples might consider seeking treatment.

Attending Couples Drug Rehab Together-An Effective Option to Get Help, Overcome Addiction and Save the Relationship

Attending couples drug rehab together can be ultimately helpful for couples who are going through drug addiction and drug abuse. Studies revealed that it would be more likely for couples using drugs to relapse upon treatment if they are treated separately. Going into rehab together can actually be a motivating factor in achieving and maintaining recovery.

Also, attending similar rehab programs together will help couples establish a stronger positive relationship. Motivation is one of the essential keys to having therapy together. An individual’s motivation to change as well as to recover from drug abuse is a crucial element of the treatment. This makes an individual more likely to complete treatment with the dedication and focus needed effectively to maintain long-term recovery.

In rehab programs where couples tend to attend together, motivation is said to be reinforced using the continued reaffirmation of commitments of the couple to one another. So, for couples who wanted to put addiction behind, start anew or begin the future drug-free, attending couples rehab together can be an ideal choice.

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