The health of your teeth and gums has a strong correlation with your overall physical health. One of the key pieces to your dental and gum health is finding and scheduling regular bi-annual visits with your dentist. But in-between dental check-ups there are several ways you can utilize tools to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Here are three ways to consider investing in for your dental and gum health.

Electric Toothbrush

While a manual toothbrush when used regularly and thoroughly can certainly keep teeth clean, an electric toothbrush simply cannot be beat when it comes to the ability to get every surface of the tooth. With strong but tiny vibrations that help more effectively eliminate plaque buildup on teeth and better access your back teeth, it keeps all parts of your mouth cleaner – from your teeth to your gums to your tongue.

Floss Daily

Many people fail to regularly floss their teeth and the cost is often the health of their gums. With the buildup of plaque and food particles between teeth and particularly teeth which are tight together, it is common to see other negative developments such as gingivitis and gum disease. Chronic buildup of plaque leads to tartar which then leads to gingivitis or the inflammation of your gums. The best products for gingivitis can be recommended by your dentist if they diagnose you with gingivitis.

Swish and Spit

After you brush for at least two minutes and floss between your teeth and your teeth and gum line it will be helpful to invest in an inexpensive mouthwash. Make sure you are investing your money in a therapeutic mouthwash versus a cosmetic mouthwash. Therapeutic mouthwashes contain active biological ingredients which control and reduce plaque, decay, gingivitis or bad breath whereas cosmetic mouthwash may just briefly mask say bad breath.

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