As a patient, you probably have several expectations following your orthodontic treatment. Regardless of the reason, desire or motivation you have to improve your appearance through orthodontics in Kelowna, one thing is certain – you want a successful orthodontics treatment plan where your expectations are met and you achieve the beautiful smile you desire.

You have probably decided it is time to pay your orthodontist a visit for orthodontics in Kelowna and you don’t know what to expect through the treatment. In this piece, we aim to educate you on what to expect from your orthodontist and what you need to do for a successful treatment.

  1. Initial Exam

The first step is setting up a consultation appointment which serves as the introductory phase between you and your orthodontist. At this phase, you let the orthodontist know about your perceived need for treatment.

After the introductory appointment, an initial examination appointment is scheduled. During the exam, the orthodontist will examine your jaw’s alignment, perform various tests and collect a number of orthodontic records from virtual image models, photographs, computer-generated images, plasters, panoramic X-rays, as well as your previous medical history of dentistry in Kelowna.

The orthodontist will further aim to gain a sense of your expectations about the treatment as well as ensure you have the full appreciation of the costs of treatment in terms of time, financial resources and inconvenience that may be required.

At this stage, the orthodontist aims to learn as much as possible about your orthodontic condition to the best of their ability to help you attain your ideal smile.

  1. Diagnosis

Upon extensive evaluation and review of the tests performed on your teeth and jaw, a customized treatment plan for your personal dentistry in Kelowna can then be made and discussed in your follow up appointment. During this appointment, the orthodontist will discuss the teeth irregularities your tests unveil as well as delve into the different treatment plans available for you.

Some of the teeth irregularities that may be discussed during the diagnosis are crossbite, overcrowding, overbite, overcrowding, and misaligned teeth.

Depending on the severity of your teeth’s irregularity or malocclusion, your orthodontist will discuss the different options that best fit your situation, including non-treatment.

At this stage, you will have the chance to raise any concerns you have about the treatment as well any misperceptions about the treatment plan your orthodontics in Kelowna will entail.

As a patient, you should expect to spend at least a half an hour at the orthodontist’s office for a session of thorough diagnosis.

  1. Treatment Plan

Orthodontic treatment planning is quite important for successful orthodontics in Kelowna. Treatment planning includes determining the actual treatment plan your orthodontist advises and how the treatment aims at achieving your desired results.

It is worth noting that some patients may have a variety of treatment options while some have limited options. However, this should not frighten you, as orthodontists trained in dentistry in Kelowna have knowledge on the right treatment plan depending on your circumstances.

All alternative treatment plans are discussed as well as their risks and complications and all precautions are set beforehand to ensure your dentistry in Kelowna is successful.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, all you need to know before you pay a visit to your orthodontist in Kelowna. We trust that you can now be more relaxed as you look forward to embarking on your journey to a beautiful smile.

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