Are you overly conscious about your smile? If it’s a gap, a crooked alignment, chip or break, teeth that are too large or too little or, noticeably discolored teeth, perhaps all you need is to get to know more about veneers treatment in Dubai. Veneers can correct all of these tooth issues but, most importantly, veneers can make you feel more confident whenever you flash people your beautiful smile.

What type of dental veneers fit you?

Veneers have to be one of the greatest cosmetic dentistry offerings there is, after the introduction of dental implants services. It has been around for decades and have been used extensively for all the teeth irregularities and damage mentioned above but, most especially for teeth whitening.

  1. Porcelain veneers.
    Undoubtedly the most versatile veneer of all, porcelain veneers are the product of perfecting veneer technology for many decades. Porcelain veneers can be custom-made to match the color of surrounding teeth.
    These dental veneers are made with thin sheets of porcelain and have come a long way from the thick and chunky veneers of the past. Porcelain veneers cost the most out of all veneers options out there but, these ones are also so durable and made to last you for a very long time — with proper care and oral hygiene.
  2. Lumineer veneers.
    These are branded forms of porcelain veneers that are installed with minimal to zero need for tooth preparation, unlike ordinary porcelain veneers that will still require some grinding of teeth for the veneers to be installed.
    Lumineer veneers are made with Cerinate ceramic, a proprietary form of ceramic that can be made into thin, translucent sheets that help your teeth appear as natural as can be.
  3. Zirconia veneers.
    This material is commonly used for creating dental crowns and dental implants in Dubai. Zirconia can also be made into even more durable veneers. In fact, zirconia veneers are routinely recommended for the restoration of more severely damaged teeth.
    So, the next time you think you need a tooth extraction, ask about zirconia veneers and if this cosmetic dentistry service can help you keep your damaged tooth for longer.
  4. Palatal veneers.
    When deciding to get veneers in Dubai, don’t think that veneers are mostly just aesthetics. Palatal veneers are installed at the back of your teeth for reinforcement that creates a structural support for your teeth.
    This type of veneers are recommended for people with weakened, severely damaged or, sensitive teeth.
  5. Composite veneers.
    These are the most inexpensive type of veneers that can be easily installed and customized in just a single dental appointment. These veneers are made of resin or plastic. The downside of this convenience is that composite veneers can be easily chipped and damaged.

Dental veneers cost a fortune when compared to tooth extraction or even to similarly expensive dental crowns. The most compelling advantage of dental veneers, however, is that it is a procedure that also places a premium on saving more of your tooth and it does so while simultaneously improving its appearance.


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