Your smile reveals not only your emotional state, but also your oral health. Dentists employ several tools and techniques that will ensure the improvement of your smile’s appearance. Before you choose a Melbourne dentist to handle your oral health needs, it’s better for you to be familiar with the common dental services they must offer.

Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings also called tooth-colored fillings are made of glass particles and composite resin. These are cemented to the existing teeth with the aid of a bonding agent. These tooth fillings can improve the appearance of your smile. They have the natural color of teeth which makes them different from silver-colored fillings.

Teeth Cleaning

It is important for you to visit the dentist every six months for teeth cleaning. Tartar is plaque that has hardened on the teeth. This forms above as well as below the gum line. The only way for you to get rid of tartar is to visit a dentist and have your teeth cleaned professionally. Regular cleaning is important to maintaining healthy gums and teeth.


If you have lost most if not all your teeth, you can regain that nice smile by using dentures. These are appliances that can be removed, and they can replace missing teeth. When all the patient’s teeth are missing, a complete denture can be used as replacement. When only some of the teeth are gone, only a partial denture is required. The dentures of today look more natural and comfortable to wear.

Teeth Whitening

A Melbourne dentist to choose must offer teeth whitening services. This can be an at-home or in-office bleaching. For in-office, the dentist will use a hydrogen peroxide gel along with a light source that can speed up the whitening process. At-home bleaching uses custom-made dental trays that contain hydrogen peroxide gel which can be applied at home.

Dental Bonding

This is a dental process that a dentist does to correct several dental imperfections for the purpose of giving you a better and healthier smile. Dental bonding is used to repair cracked teeth, decayed teeth, and chipped ones. Bonding involves the application of a  tooth-colored resin

material to the problematic teeth and strengthening it using a light which bonds the material to the teeth, enhancing the quality of one’s smile.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth or dental extraction is removing a tooth from a socket in the bone. There are many reasons for a tooth to be extracted. It is necessary when the tooth’s damages cannot be restored by any dental restoration process. In some cases, dental extraction is necessary to prepare the mouth for an orthodontic treatment.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is that dental prosthesis which replaces the part of a tooth that is visible. The purpose of this is to strengthen the teeth, restore its original shape, and ultimately to improve its look.

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