It would be quite unfair to classify a root canal as one of the most painful treatment procedures. This form of dental therapy isn’t actually as bad as most people tend to assume. It is obvious that most people will not choose it as an elective treatment procedure. However, if you suffer the pain of an infected tooth, then you will discover some of the popular reasons why root canal in Edmonton is a beneficial form of therapy.

  1. Pain Reduction

Contrary to popular belief, root canal in Edmonton is actually a painless therapy. In fact, the treatment method is more popular for the pain relief it provides than the discomfort it is often associated with. If one of your teeth is infected or abscessed, it is highly likely that you are suffering daily excruciating pain. You experience this pain because the nerve in your infected tooth is affected by acid and numerous other byproducts of the infection.

During a root canal treatment, your dentist will remove the nerve to prevent it from causing you more pain. In the space left, an inert material will be used to fill it up so that you do not experience any kind of pain. Consequently, you will feel no pain at all in the affected tooth.

  1. Stop Further Infection

Even though you have an infection in your tooth now, it does not mean that it should stay there. Note that the interior of a tooth can allow bacteria to thrive, which means infections can spread from an infected tooth to other areas, such as your bone structure, sinuses and, eventually to your brain. It can also spread to the lungs or even your heart, with serious and often deadly consequences.

Thankfully, you can visit a dental clinic for a root canal in Edmonton to eliminate the tooth infection and protect your overall health against bacterial infections.

  1. Tooth Preservation

Possibly the most visible effect of an abscessed or infected tooth is discolouration. The discolouration comes about as a result of bacteria growing inside your tooth, including its detrimental impact on healthy tooth pulp. The discolouration is quite visible, considering it usually turns deep brown, black or very dark in colour. It is worth noting that this kind of discolouration does not respond to any form of teeth whitening. However, through root canal therapy completed at your local dental clinic, you’ll have a beautiful, bright smile again. If the tooth is already discoloured, your dentist can cover it using a crown.


  1. Set Aside The Option For A Dental Implant

Another way of remedying an infected tooth involves extracting the affected tooth and replacing it with an implant. But keep in mind that with this option, getting back your natural tooth is not an option after the completion of the procedure. On the other hand, if you choose to have a root canal in Edmonton, you can still decide to get an implant later.

Whether you have an infected tooth or suspect that you might have one, then you can benefit from root canal therapy. You can discover more about the numerous benefits of having a root canal by visiting a dental clinic near you.

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