Essential oils are very important in our day to day life they are taken from the plant extract and which helps us to being health and well-being.

These are mostly used in aromatherapy and in this therapy process they have different inhalation methods Essential oils which reduces stress, anxiety, mood, headaches etc.

Let’s discuss on the most essential oils, and the health benefits using them

  • Peppermint: This particular oil works as an energy booster and also improves the digestion.
  • Lavender: This helps by reducing the stress and anxiety.
  • Sandalwood: This helps us to calm the nerves, focus and improves mood.
  • Bergamot: This act as a stress buster and improves skin which has a conditions like atopic dermatitis.
  • Rose: This helps to reduce the stress, mood and anxiety.
  • Chamomile: This helps to relax the muscles improve the sleep and mood.
  • Ylang-Ylang: This helps to treat the conditions like any skin conditions, headaches and nausea.
  • Tea Tree: This helps to boost the immunity and fight infections.
  • Jasmine: This helps people who are suffering with the depression, libido and child birth.
  • Lemon: This improves the digestion, mood, reduces headache etc.

Above discussed are some of the common and important essential oils having said that they are more than 90 essential oils which are used commonly for all the health related benefits.

As we all know the aromatherapy along with the some of the essential oils used to treat stress, anxiety, migraine, sleep, insomnia, reducing inflammation and also used in antibiotic and antimicrobial which can fight with the bacterial infections.

Apart from health benefits and aromatherapy they are other benefits too like to scent our homes or we can keep or laundry with good scent. Some of the essential oils are also used as a natural scent in cosmetics especially which are homemade and we also get best quality natural products. In the some of the industries this essential oils are used for extending of shelf life foods like baked foods, supplements, meats etc.

As discussed earlier it has many benefits apart from the health they are used in our home, industries makes cosmetics and also a mosquito repellent which are made up naturally.

Now while buying and essential oil what are the things to be considered and we all knew most of the industries claim that their products are pure and they also have a medical grade but having said that we may or may not consider. Basically we need to follow this ideas while buying a best quality oils

  • Purity: Make sure while buying an essential oil should contain aromatic plant compounds and additive less and it should not mix with the synthetic oils.
  • Quality and Reputation: Make sure you find a one with a chemical free essential oil that are filtered properly and consider the brand which has more reputation and being in the market since years providing a high quality products.

Posted by Virginia K. Stockstill

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