CBD is widely known, and many benefits are associated with taking CBD. You can take a look at the CBD benefits in miraclesmokecbd.org. Many people do not have information about this dietary supplement. The most common questions people ask is, what is CBD? And the difference between the CBD extracted from hemp and that obtained from marijuana. They are different, and it is essential to distinguish between them to decide what type of CBD is suitable for you.

At first, it is essential to understand the differences between the hemp plant and marijuana. The differences are;

Seeds and stalks

The seeds and stalks for hemp plants are used in food, cosmetics, and in the textile industry. The same does not apply to marijuana, and the seeds and shoots are not used commercially for any purpose.

Composition of flowers

The CBD is extracted from the flowers, and it is our main concern for now. The flowers of the hemp plant contain high amounts of CBD and low volumes THC (less than 0.3%). The flowers of marijuana, on the other hand, contain CBD and high amounts of THC. Marijuana derives its psychoactive effects from the THC.


Marijuana has many restrictions and is not widely legalized. It is considered as a drug that can be abused due to its high levels of THC. The hemp plant, however, is legal in most countries as it has low levels of THC. In some states, you can find hemp plant CBD over the counter, while with marijuana medicine, you will only be allowed to take it only if the doctor recommends it.

After looking at the differences of the hemp plant, let’s examine the differences between the CBD oils from the different plants. The differences are;

The ratio of THC and CBD

The CBD derived from the hemp plant has less amount of THC compared to that of marijuana. The difference in the ratio is because of the composition of the flowers. The CBD in the flowers is the same, and the body reacts the same way, and the THC levels are what make the difference.


The effect of taking the CBD from the hemp plant is different from the marijuana medication because of the THC levels. The marijuana medication will give you psychoactive effects such as euphoria. With the hemp plant, the results are non-psychoactive, and you can even test negative for a drug test. If you are an athlete, avoid marijuana medication.


Hemp plant CBD is used as a dietary supplement. The primary use of this CBD is to restore the body’s chemical balance by stimulating the human endocannabinoid system. The marijuana CBD is found in hospitals and used for when one needs THC for treatment.

Bottom Line

Using CBD has many benefits for the body, and it will undoubtedly improve your life. When choosing between hemp CBD and marijuana CBD you have to consider the legal aspect and, most importantly, what your body requires. As a person that wants to start using CBD, it is vital to seek medical advice from a certified doctor.

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