Caffeine is an integral part of almost everybody’s life. It helps a person stay awake and function better. However, we are all aware that every product has its own pros and cons. Similarly, if one drinks caffeine in moderation, it is fine. Excessive coffee throughout the day can lead to a lot of health disorders. Since caffeine helps us to stay awake, drinking too many cups throughout the day also interferes with our sleep at night.

The ideal caffeine intake is between three to five cups. Sometimes people might need a few more cups, but that should not be a regular habit. If you are a coffee addict who drinks more than five cups daily, try to reduce the intake. Replace it with healthy food items that can help you stay productive and motivated at work.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons that can help to understand why reducing your caffeine intake is necessary:


Too much coffee can lead to frequent anxiety attacks. This is why doctors advise anxious people to stay away from coffee. It alerts the nerves and forces them to stay active throughout the day. A person who suffers from anxiety already has restless nerves, coffee aggravates the problem. If one wants to keep their anxiety in control, one should not have too many cups of coffee throughout the day.

High blood pressure

Caffeine can also shoot up the blood pressure levels in a person. People suffering from high blood pressure should not drink more than two cups of coffee or it can cause serious issues. High blood pressure can lead to a lot of other health problems.


Coffee has the power to aggravate headaches as well. Too much coffee can increase stress and headaches in a person. Since the brain is not able to rest due to the caffeine, it can start hurting. One should not keep drinking coffee constantly for a long period of time. While it is extremely good for the body in moderation, increasing its intake beyond the limit can lead to various health disorders and problems.

The above-mentioned reasons must help you to understand why reducing your caffeine intake is crucial. You can replace caffeine with tea, lemon water, milk, and other health drinks to make sure you are active throughout the day. There are a lot of healthy options that you should consider in case you want to reduce your caffeine intake.

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