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There has been a huge revolution recently in the field of medical science due to the technological advancement we continue to see. Different diseases and disorders have been identified and diagnosed much more accurately, which has resulted in better treatments and more effective treatments.

An example of an area where this has occurred is laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery has seen significant advancements in technology. This type of surgery is used to correct a range of eye and vision issues and has become very popular as of late.

Below are a few benefits and advantages of laser eye surgery if you are considering it as a solution to any vision ailments:


While other medical surgeries tend to take a bit of time to complete, laser eye surgery is fairly quick. Most of the time, patients are in and out within 90 minutes. There is no need for long hospital stays with this type of surgery. Typically, these lasers pose no harm to the eye since they are only active for about 30 seconds or less for each eye.

Lasting Results

Laser eye surgery results are both durable and long-lasting. Most of the time, there is no need for a second visit to the eye care center to correct any issues again. The first surgery should take care of all issues the first time. Some eye care centers even offer lifetime warranties on the procedure because of how long the results should last. Therefore, you can assure yourself that it worth the cost of the surgery because you can eliminate the needs for repeat surgeries, contacts renewals, glasses renewals, and more.

Protection & Safety

Laser eye surgery is typically a very safe procedure, as long as the eye care center is experienced in taking all of the precautionary measures that are required and as long as your doctor has the reliable experience and confidence in performing this type of procedure. In addition, the doctor should review the current patient’s medical history and records to make sure the patient will not experience any negative side effects.


One of the biggest benefits of laser eye surgery is that it is a painless procedure. A patient’s eyes is first numbed with anesthetic eye drops. This allows the patient to completely block out any feeling while the procedure is being performed. However, a patient may feel a bit of irritation and dryness after the procedure. They can also experience a bit of redness as well. This will disappear after a few weeks though. If it does persist, you should contact your doctor as quickly as possible. There are certain eye drops you can use to help ease these symptoms.

Eliminate Dependency on Glasses & Contacts

After a successful eye surgery, you will be able to eliminate your dependency on either glasses or contact lenses that you’ve always needed in order to see correctly. Therefore, all costs are eliminated and all of your time spent going to appointments is eliminated.

Instant Effects

Another one of the biggest benefits to this type of surgery is that results are almost instant. In most cases, patients report seeing drastic improves moments after the surgery is performed.

Therefore, laser eye surgery may be the best treatment for you if you want to rid yourself of your vision issues and any other items related to eye issues, including glasses and contacts.

Author Bio:

This article was written by Millennium Laser Eye Centers. Dr. Cory M. Lessner’s extensive training and expertise along with the professional team at Millennium Laser Eye Centers are recognized as a LASIK Leader in the United States.

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