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4 Things To Know About Dry Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an age-related eye condition that affects the light-sensing central portion of the retina, called the macula, at the back of the eye. There are two types of macular degeneration: dry and wet. The dry type is more common...

/ 2019-07-23

This Is Why Diabetics Must Keep Ophthalmology Appointments

Nearly one-third of diabetics contract a blinding eye disease, Proliferative diabetic retinopathy. According to the eye institute, continuous high blood sugar leads to this disease, but ophthalmologists say they are finding diabetics skipping eye appointments, which impacts diagnosing and treating...

/ 2018-12-06

Laser Eye Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

As the go-to surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, laser eye surgery has successfully treated various vision problems in individuals for over 20 years. Laser eye surgery, also referred to as refractive surgery, is implemented to help reduce...

/ 2018-11-28