Month: March 2019

Importance of the medical prescription in the Municipal Health Centers

What is the medical prescription? The medical prescription is a legal document in which the doctor prescribes the necessary pharmacological treatment for a patient according to the presented pathology, which will be dispensed in the Pharmacy Unit of his Health...

/ 2019-03-21

4 Tips to Identify If Your Loved One Is Suffering From Addiction

Signs to Notice a Loved One is Addicted The Signs Addiction is a difficult situation to deal with when you are watching someone you love go through it. One thing to always remember it is never the person’s fault because...

/ 2019-03-20

How to Find Nerve Support Formula from VasoCorp

Nerve pain is a somewhat common problem in many individuals. Neuropathy results from high blood glucose and a number of different things play a role too. It refers to the condition where the peripheral nerves are not working properly. Some...

/ 2019-03-15